I dislike the phrase “the new normal” as that implies I’m accepting of it. So welcome to NewWorking, which is my way of dealing with the days, months and years ahead, with a big bag of positivity and a focus on finding my way to succeed. I hope you find some of this content beneficial; and if not motivating at least mildly amusing in places.

Latest from the Blog

The success diet

So I have had reasonable success when it comes to weight loss in the past few years. Helped and encouraged very much by my wife who works for a famous wellness brand. What’s my point? Throughout my weight loss journey and even today when I weigh myself weekly, I keep an eye on what theContinue reading “The success diet”

Build a back up plan now

With an ever changing situation in the world, businesses being forced to close and our economy on the rocks, now is definitely a good time to consider your back up plan. What are you going to do if it all goes wrong? Presuming you are still lucky enough to be employed/ working in the firstContinue reading “Build a back up plan now”

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