I dislike the phrase “the new normal” as that implies I’m accepting of it. So welcome to NewWorking, which is my way of dealing with the days, months and years ahead, with a big bag of positivity and a focus on finding my way to succeed. I hope you find some of this content beneficial; and if not motivating at least mildly amusing in places.

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Positive thought dominance

So this idea came into my head as I walked home after a morning run. I haven’t run properly in months and months. Whilst lockdowns lifting was exactly what I needed mentally, from a time point of view it hasn’t helped with my exercise routine. A quick Google says I’m not the only person toContinue reading “Positive thought dominance”

My fear almost won…

This morning I woke up after a reasonable nights sleep, took a peep behind the curtain and was pleased to see a hint of blue in the sky and a frost free pavement. This is when it all went wrong. I started thinking! I checked the Met Office who told me with the windchill itContinue reading “My fear almost won…”

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