One man went Furlough: Make Mondays great again

Monday’s have long been the butt of all jokes. The tricky second album after a cracker of a two day off debut, but even if they don’t follow the form that you’ve previously been tapping your foot to, let’s not write them off.

They are typically a different pace, the words are different but the meaning and the sentiment should (I think) remain the same. ‘Let’s help each other out’ is the familiar chorus I want to be singing regardless of the date in the diary, or the cross on the calendar.

I had an interesting thought this morning while sat in an armchair, squashed by my two lovely daughters and challenged to read them a story at the same time – all about the child philosopher Christopher Robin, no less.

If your life was turned into a children’s story, what would the moral at the end of it be? Something simple that cuts through the crap that we all have dealt with over the years. Something that a 4 year old could pick up and make sense of. 
I don’t know the answer for mine, but I’m gonna give it some thought. 

I made myself run twice as far this morning, which felt good. I didn’t know if I could do it, but I did. A challenge can be healthy, and whilst I’m not destined to be a marathon runner (I don’t think – you’d have got great odds on that 5 years ago!) I enjoyed it. 

Even if you aren’t about to take up running, a small goal to aim for can be good for morale – amusingly, it’s easier to score in a bigger goal – so don’t make it too achievable! 

Love to you all

Originally posted on Facebook 6th April 2020

Published by newworkingcouk

A content marketer for a large classic car parts supplier by day, my time on furlough during the C-19 lockdown ignited my creativity to produce my own writing and actually host it somewhere. I’m preprogrammed to look for opportunities, I’m pretty good at finding positives in stuff and I’d like to think my views are at least entertaining, if not useful in some way. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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