One man went back to work…

Having pretty much preached the positives from my time on Furlough (sorry) it was with some trepidation that Friday 1st May arrived.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go back, although with a gun to my head I could have quite happily taken another month off. It was that I didn’t want to let my ‘hard work’ and new routines go to waste.

Was my exercise routine engrained deep enough? Could I keep on top of the hobbies I had revisited during my time away from employment? Would I still be able to spend quality time with the kids? Would my wife begrudge the fact that I’d be absent once more for the majority of the day? 

Working from home is a double edge sword. The commute is quick, the canteen is fully stocked with all your favourite snacks and the possibility of concentrating on a certain task without interruption certainly makes me more productive. 

On the other side, there are distractions galore, and some you have absolutely no control over. “Daddy, Daddy” is one of the the better ones, high pitch screaming however, from one or both of my girls is the opposite end of the nice to hear spectrum. When followed by the sound of crying I have to fight my parental instinct, and try to block it out while my wife, who is downstairs puts the relevant child back together or on the naughty step as appropriate. 

Did it work? Well day 1 I think was a success. I got out for some exercise didn’t eat all of the kitchen cupboard before midday and even checked through the 1060 emails I had awaiting me when I turned outlook back on. 

The weekend was a welcome return to the ethos of the past month and felt like putting on a pair of old slippers. The sun was even shining. We had a BBQ for lunch with meat courtesy of our local butcher. Prior to C-19 the vast majority of his trade was restaurants and pubs, so I feel spending some of our food allowance there each week is doing just a little bit to help him out – plus he’s super friendly! 

Car stuff? Yep, I managed to swap over the door speakers in my 944 too. 

Kids? How about the second attempt at teaching my four year old to ride a bike without stabilisers followed by a snack on a bench and a spot of tree climbing. If Enid Blyton wrote about lockdown, eh?! 

Blogging… My New Working blog is now live and my thanks to any of you who have clicked over to give it a read.  I feel in a very productive and creative headspace at the moment, so this should see lots of new content in the days and weeks to come. 

Love to all

Published by newworkingcouk

A content marketer for a large classic car parts supplier by day, my time on furlough during the C-19 lockdown ignited my creativity to produce my own writing and actually host it somewhere. I’m preprogrammed to look for opportunities, I’m pretty good at finding positives in stuff and I’d like to think my views are at least entertaining, if not useful in some way. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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