The success diet

So I have had reasonable success when it comes to weight loss in the past few years. Helped and encouraged very much by my wife who works for a famous wellness brand.

What’s my point? Throughout my weight loss journey and even today when I weigh myself weekly, I keep an eye on what the numbers say. But more recently, since I have started doing more physical exercise each day, my happiness with my body has been led by feel.

How do my clothes feel, how does my body in general feel. It’s about feel, not the figures on the scales.

This is the parallel I’m trying to draw with success. It’s not all about the money you make, but how you feel when you are working and living.

Happiness might not fund your new car or bigger house, but a smile will make you and others far happier in the long term I’m sure.

We spend a lot of our time ‘at work’ perhaps not physically in the current climate, but definitely in a mental capacity. There are various quotes about “doing something you love and never working a day in your life” and in my eyes they are so true.

I’m very fortunate to love what I do, and be afforded space to be creative within the boundaries of what our company require. I really wish everyone was this lucky. Everyone deserves to be happy.

Happiness breeds happiness. If you are happy you will no doubt produce better work for yourself or your employer; unless you are a grump-o-gram and are paid to turn up at events to be deliberately miserable, in which case ignore this paragraph!

So just because you are not taking a limousine to Tesco or sipping champers with your digestives at 11 o’clock doesn’t mean you aren’t a success in what ever you do, be it stockbroking or home schooling.

Look after yourselves, try and afford your mental health a holiday from worrying about perceived inadequacies, and look for the positives in everything.

Love to all.


Published by newworkingcouk

A content marketer for a large classic car parts supplier by day, my time on furlough during the C-19 lockdown ignited my creativity to produce my own writing and actually host it somewhere. I’m preprogrammed to look for opportunities, I’m pretty good at finding positives in stuff and I’d like to think my views are at least entertaining, if not useful in some way. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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