A bit of background I suppose would be a good place to start this blog. I’m mid to late-thirties (gosh, I fall into that category now, and for the first time ever I just typed gosh rather than one of my many staple swears). I work in Content Marketing for a classic car parts supplier and I started this site whilst enjoying and embracing my time on furlough. Together with my wife and two young daughters, we live in Worthing, West Sussex. We’re a stones throw from the South Downs and a few miles from the sea.

What prompted this all?

In my day job I get out and about to meet our customers, checking out their cars and often writing stories about them. I’d be lying if I said that it’s not the best job ever. I half joke that there is only one letter difference between Networking and Not-working and I’m sure there must be a waiting list for what I do should I ever leave. Getting put on Furlough afforded me the opportunity to experience life at a different pace and take positives from a situation that on first glance was rubbish.


After a few hours of having time to myself I stumbled across ‘new working’ in my thought process and it felt apt to describe how people could be feeling about their employment and work life balance moving forward. I for one will be taking some new habits forward to my old life. Spurred on by some semi-motivational Facebook posts I have chosen to document my ramblings in one place.


Disclaimer: This website contains my own written content and content submitted to me, with expressed permission that I can share it. All views and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated and this content is not connected or representative of the views held by my employer, unless specifically stated otherwise.