My fear almost won…

This morning I woke up after a reasonable nights sleep, took a peep behind the curtain and was pleased to see a hint of blue in the sky and a frost free pavement. This is when it all went wrong. I started thinking! I checked the Met Office who told me with the windchill itContinue reading “My fear almost won…”

The success diet

So I have had reasonable success when it comes to weight loss in the past few years. Helped and encouraged very much by my wife who works for a famous wellness brand. What’s my point? Throughout my weight loss journey and even today when I weigh myself weekly, I keep an eye on what theContinue reading “The success diet”

Why giving 110% is not helping you succeed.

You must have heard this, if not succumbed to the cliche and muttered the phrase “giving 110%” at some point in the past. The thing is, it is unrealistic, in fact mathematically impossible so, it needs to stop to allow for your success to happen. We’re gonna need some metaphors for this discussion, and youContinue reading “Why giving 110% is not helping you succeed.”

Build a back up plan now

With an ever changing situation in the world, businesses being forced to close and our economy on the rocks, now is definitely a good time to consider your back up plan. What are you going to do if it all goes wrong? Presuming you are still lucky enough to be employed/ working in the firstContinue reading “Build a back up plan now”

The Threshold of Acceptance

What have meatloaf and my Mum got in common? They both made me question my personal limits when it comes to accepting an instruction or an idea. Meatloaf famously sang “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” I’ll save you a google; he wasn’t prepared to “forget the way you feelContinue reading “The Threshold of Acceptance”

Get a head start on your resolutions

Regardless of your chosen resolution for the impending new year, why not utilise the next few days to transition into the ‘new you’. Make some mistakes before 2021 even happens, and try to adopt any alternative behaviours or diets so that when the clock chimes and the calendar flips over you are ready. I wentContinue reading “Get a head start on your resolutions”

Listen to the people you don’t know!

Sorry I’m gonna waffle on about podcasts again. But unlike previously when I have sung the praises of specific episodes for getting my head into gear, I’m gonna talk about the guests who join my hosts of choice. One of the issues with having spent a few hundred hours listening to podcasts this year, isContinue reading “Listen to the people you don’t know!”

There’s room on my bus, jump aboard!

Where is life taking you next? Are you wandering in hope of inspiration, or have you got a journey planned out? I first heard the bus metaphor for life over twenty years ago. People get on and off your bus as you travel through the day, weeks, months and years of your existence. But that’sContinue reading “There’s room on my bus, jump aboard!”