To live, follow or chase your dreams.

At some point in our lives we have probably uttered the words “living the dream” with a slight hint of sarcasm when asked as to how we are doing or the progress of our days. I’m a big fan of sarcasm in general, but when applied to positive thinking, this sadly devalues the currency ofContinue reading “To live, follow or chase your dreams.”

Stock images selling unrealistic ideals…

Whilst building this blog the thoughts of imagery crossed my mind on numerous occasions. I could have chosen to illustrate New Working with the tanned legs of a lady using her laptop on the beach but it’s not just about that… Little changes big differences  Sure there’s something quite idyllic in the idea of workingContinue reading “Stock images selling unrealistic ideals…”

One man went back to work…

Having pretty much preached the positives from my time on Furlough (sorry) it was with some trepidation that Friday 1st May arrived. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go back, although with a gun to my head I could have quite happily taken another month off. It was that I didn’t want to letContinue reading “One man went back to work…”

In a world of messy hair and prickly chins

I’m writing today with reference to the workwear choices and lack of attention regarding grooming which seems to be attached to working at home. Priorities have slipped Whilst your new routine probably affords you more time and hopefully, you have managed to squish something constructive into those extra magic minutes, somehow your normal hair, shaveContinue reading “In a world of messy hair and prickly chins”

Bored of being bored yet?

Whilst the main focus of my blog is centered around making changes to your working situation to better improve your home life, there will certainly be a decent amount of attention paid to positivity and getting in the right headspace, especially during times of uncertainty. In a day that is seemingly never ending Regardless ofContinue reading “Bored of being bored yet?”

One man went Furlough: The Final Countdown

I found out a few days back that my time on Furlough would come to an end on Thursday and as of the 1st May I’d be back in the saddle with the job I love so much.I’d like to start by saying thanks to anyone who has liked or commented on my posts overContinue reading “One man went Furlough: The Final Countdown”

One man went Furlough: The gift that keeps giving

So after my initial frustrations with the additional 3 weeks of lockdown, I’m planning once more to turn barriers into opportunities and really hoping to pull some great positives out the bag. The first fortnight of my leave has been productive to say the least and I’m excited to see what else I can achieveContinue reading “One man went Furlough: The gift that keeps giving”

One man went Furlough: The sun always shines on the inside

As many of you know I don’t eat chocolate, but I am still partial to sweet treats and have successfully slaughtered a bag of marshmallows instead of a seasonal foil wrapped egg, in a period of 24 hours. Eeeek! Let’s rewind a little though, the past two weeks I have completed more exercise than everContinue reading “One man went Furlough: The sun always shines on the inside”

One man went Furlough: Make Mondays great again

Monday’s have long been the butt of all jokes. The tricky second album after a cracker of a two day off debut, but even if they don’t follow the form that you’ve previously been tapping your foot to, let’s not write them off. They are typically a different pace, the words are different but theContinue reading “One man went Furlough: Make Mondays great again”

One man went Furlough: Welcome to the 7 day weekend.

After a late rush of positivity yesterday, I dragged my backside out of bed this morning and set about my regular jog, before the day starts properly. My trip took me past some of the biggest houses in our town, massive driveways, a brace of cars with personal plates and quite often a sign writtenContinue reading “One man went Furlough: Welcome to the 7 day weekend.”