The Threshold of Acceptance

What have meatloaf and my Mum got in common? They both made me question my personal limits when it comes to accepting an instruction or an idea. Meatloaf famously sang “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” I’ll save you a google; he wasn’t prepared to “forget the way you feelContinue reading “The Threshold of Acceptance”

Get a head start on your resolutions

Regardless of your chosen resolution for the impending new year, why not utilise the next few days to transition into the ‘new you’. Make some mistakes before 2021 even happens, and try to adopt any alternative behaviours or diets so that when the clock chimes and the calendar flips over you are ready. I wentContinue reading “Get a head start on your resolutions”

A tip to make time stand still

As I have found out and discussed before, time is such a precious commodity. But I’ve discovered a way to look at it which will give you more (I think…) Units of measurement Typically we’d measure time in seconds, minutes and hours. I’m not going to worry looking up who invented that, probably the Greeks,Continue reading “A tip to make time stand still”

One man went back to work…

Having pretty much preached the positives from my time on Furlough (sorry) it was with some trepidation that Friday 1st May arrived. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go back, although with a gun to my head I could have quite happily taken another month off. It was that I didn’t want to letContinue reading “One man went back to work…”