My fear almost won…

This morning I woke up after a reasonable nights sleep, took a peep behind the curtain and was pleased to see a hint of blue in the sky and a frost free pavement. This is when it all went wrong. I started thinking! I checked the Met Office who told me with the windchill itContinue reading “My fear almost won…”

Build a back up plan now

With an ever changing situation in the world, businesses being forced to close and our economy on the rocks, now is definitely a good time to consider your back up plan. What are you going to do if it all goes wrong? Presuming you are still lucky enough to be employed/ working in the firstContinue reading “Build a back up plan now”

The Threshold of Acceptance

What have meatloaf and my Mum got in common? They both made me question my personal limits when it comes to accepting an instruction or an idea. Meatloaf famously sang “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” I’ll save you a google; he wasn’t prepared to “forget the way you feelContinue reading “The Threshold of Acceptance”

I Brush my teeth for Zoom calls…

Each day, typically mid morning, I have a Zoom meeting with my immediate colleagues to catch up on progress and discuss our plans for the next 24 hours. Having been for a run, or some form of exercise early on, I’ll have had a shower and eaten breakfast before I start work, but sometimes that’sContinue reading “I Brush my teeth for Zoom calls…”

A tip to make time stand still

As I have found out and discussed before, time is such a precious commodity. But I’ve discovered a way to look at it which will give you more (I think…) Units of measurement Typically we’d measure time in seconds, minutes and hours. I’m not going to worry looking up who invented that, probably the Greeks,Continue reading “A tip to make time stand still”

Bored of being bored yet?

Whilst the main focus of my blog is centered around making changes to your working situation to better improve your home life, there will certainly be a decent amount of attention paid to positivity and getting in the right headspace, especially during times of uncertainty. In a day that is seemingly never ending Regardless ofContinue reading “Bored of being bored yet?”